Here are the 8 nominees for the 2023 ArtTech Prize !

Eight outstanding startups have been selected as nominees for the prestigious ArtTech Prize! These exceptional companies represent the cutting edge of innovation at the intersection of art and technology, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase their groundbreaking work.

The ArtTech Prize aims to recognize and celebrate startups that are revolutionizing the art world through the application of technology. This year, our panel of esteemed judges had the difficult task of evaluating numerous submissions and narrowing it down to the most promising ventures. After careful consideration, the following eight startups have emerged as the frontrunners:


Atopia Space – Germany

HelloxLab – Japan

Holonic Systems – Finland

InsignERA – Switzerland

Keru Project – France

Muse – The voice of the visitor – Switzerland

Synegram– France

Well of Art – Poland


These startups have impressed us with their creative vision, and their potential to reshape the art industry. We encourage you to explore their work further, as they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of art and technology.

On behalf of the entire ArtTech team, we want to express our deepest gratitude for the invaluable contribution and dedicated efforts of the ArtTech Prize Jury: 


Prof. Patrick Aebischer

Paul Alezraa

Olivier Audemars

Laetitia Bochud

Caroline Coquerel Kokocinski

Fabrice Delaye

Laurence Le Ny

Jean-François Ricci

Claudia Schachenmann

Christian Simm


Their expertise, discernment, and unwavering commitment to the intersection of art and technology have played an instrumental role in selecting the most deserving nominees. We thank them for lending us their time, expertise, and passion in recognizing and celebrating the pioneers of art and technology.

The winner of the ArtTech Prize will be selected by the audience during the ArtTech Forum on September 15 after each Startups’ pitch. Do not miss the opportunity to join us by attending the Forum, you can not only witness groundbreaking presentations and demonstrations but also play a significant role in determining the winner through your vote. This is your chance to support and champion the startup that you believe has the potential to make a lasting impact on the art world.

We value your insights and encourage you to join us at the ArtTech Forum to make your voice heard and contribute to the advancement of art and technology.


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