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  • InsightART 2020 Winner!

    InsightART 2020 Winner!

    InsightART won the ArtTech Prize 2020. The start-up  is revolutionising the art world with next-generation x-ray imaging technology previously available only at the cutting-edge of particle physics research.



    If you are an attendee and have problem to connect, please send a message to

  • Still time to register!

    Still time to register!

    Looking forward to welcoming you on line on November 5, 3pm to 7pm. Register NOW

  • ArtTech Prize 2020

    ArtTech Prize 2020

    Our 8 selected start-ups will pitch on line and participate in a panel moderated by Marjan Kraak, Head of Spin-off group and Pioneer Fellowships, ETH Zurich.Request a ticket to join us on 5th November.

  • Arts and culture in the post-covid era

    Arts and culture in the post-covid era

    How to promote and live arts and culture in the post-covid era will be the topic of the roundtable that will launch the discussions. Join Sarah Kenderdine,  EPFL, Aviel Cahn, Grand Théâtre de Genève, and Mathieu Jaton, Montreux Jazz Festival for Q&A.

  • ETH Zurich – ArtTech Forum partner
  • ArtTech Forum – session

    ArtTech Forum – session

    Welcome to CreativeSHIFT session moderated by Thierry Baujard, founder of Pan European Investment Network Media Deals! Register now

  • ArtTech Prize 2020

    ArtTech Prize 2020

    The 8 start-ups competing for the ArtTech Prize 2020 will be known soon. Don’t miss their pitches and ask them questions at 16:30 CET on November 5. Request on invitation.

  • ArtTech Forum 2020

    ArtTech Forum 2020

    Thierry Frémaux, Délégué général of Festival de Cannes, will present a keynote on November 5, at 17:00. Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange with Thierry and ask for your invitation

  • ArtTech Forum 2020

    ArtTech Forum 2020

    Request an invitation to the 4th ArtTech Forum, in collaboration with ETH Zurich, and discover our speakers.

  • Ars Electronica

    Ars Electronica

    The ArtTech Foundation co-moderates the panel Business Models for Online Contents organized by Ars Electronica September 10. Join us on AE Channel

  • Printemps de la poésie

    Printemps de la poésie

    Find the Solstice poétique et expérimental event on the facebook page of Printemps de la poésie

  • It’s swiss poetic time

    It’s swiss poetic time

    On 21th June, 11:00 to 12:30 the ArtTech Foundation participates to the Printemps de la Poésie. Join with Nathalie Pichard the online panel “Les machines pourront-elles créer de la poésie un jour?”.

  • Capsule Webinars (USA)

    Capsule Webinars (USA)

    The ArtTech Foundation will be part of a webinar organized by Capsule (USA) on 27th May at 6pm.

  • The Art Valley
  • Digital Lyric

    Digital Lyric

    The ArtTech Foundation partners with Digital Lyric, financed by the SNSF’S Agora funding scheme. The exhibition Digital Lyric : beyond the book will be presented from 14 February to 10 May 2020 at Château de Morges.


  • Communicating the Arts Lausanne 22-24 June 2020

    Communicating the Arts Lausanne 22-24 June 2020

    The ArtTech Foundation is partner of Communicating the Arts, the international conference for cultural leaders. The conference will gather 250 communication and engagement experts working in museums, historical monuments, Heritage, the visual and performing arts.

  • The Miracles of Art and Tech

    The Miracles of Art and Tech

    The ArtTech Foundation has partnered the new Swiss media to publish a series of articles on the connective tissue between art and technology, The Miracles of Art and Tech. 

  • Museums are using digital innovation to reinvent themselves

    Museums are using digital innovation to reinvent themselves

    Discover the 7 th episode of Explorations, in collaboration with the ArtTech Foundation.

  • Digital replica of a lost tresor in the US

    Digital replica of a lost tresor in the US

    The researchers of the Institute of Archeology of the University of Lausanne will present in Boston and New-York on 22th and 23th October their research on recently destroyed Baalshamîn sanctuary in Palmyra.  Program developped in collaboration with MIT  Future Heritage Lab and Swissnex Boston


  • What’s next?

    What’s next?

    The ArtTech Forum 2020 will be announced by the beginning of next year. The launch of the selection for the ArtTech Prize 2020 will take place next spring.

  • ArtTech Prize Award

    ArtTech Prize Award

    Polkatulk are the 2019 winners! They have been selected from 8 young companies and convinced the audience with their fascinating and original ideas. We look forward to seeing more of them on the international scene in the near future. By entering the ArtTech start-up community, they will fully benefit from the Foundation international network.

  • 24th September – ArtTech Forum

    24th September – ArtTech Forum

    In the morning of the 24th September, there will be presentations and conferences about the link between technology, heritage preservation and the archiving of historical data. Prof. Frederic Kaplan, Prof. Sarah Kenderdine and Andrea Barbon, Managing director of the ARCHiVe center, Venice will describe their exciting projects.

  • ArtTech Prize winner selected on 24th September

    ArtTech Prize winner selected on 24th September

    This year, 8 start-ups are in the running for the ArtTech Prize 2019. They are from the US, the UK, France, Austria and Switzerland and will be competing for the CHF 10’000 prize and networking support. We’ll be keeping the names of the start-ups secret until the day of the event! The winner will be selected on September 24 by the audience.

  • Invest in ArtTech start-ups!

    Invest in ArtTech start-ups!

    Invest in ArtTech start-ups! A panel discussion, led by Patrick Aebischer, Chairman of the ArtTech Foundation, will explore new business models. The focus will be on the promotion of entrepreneurship and investment in culture and technology. Meet the panelists on

  • ArtTech Forum 2019 Coming soon!

    ArtTech Forum 2019 Coming soon!

    We’re approaching this year’s ArtTech Forum which will take place in partnership with the Fondazione Giorgi Cini on 24th September. More than 150 participants from the international community (scholars, engineers, analysts, scientists and representatives of art and culture) will be joining us and contributing to our ever-widening network of international members. The event is now full. However please contact us if you want to go on the waiting list.

  • ArtTech Forum at the Cini Foundation on 24th September, Venice

    ArtTech Forum at the Cini Foundation on 24th September, Venice

    24th September in partnership with Fondazione Giorgio Cini , Venice – ArtTech Forum 2019 – This year, the conferences and panel discussions will present different projects showing the link between technologies, heritage preservation and the archiving of historical data.

  • ArtTech at HeK on 24th May

    ArtTech at HeK on 24th May

    24th May at HeK, Basel –  Organized by HeK in cooperation with the ArtTech Foundation on 24th May, AI Night, Powered by PechaKucha  with speakers from the Swiss and international AI scene was a great success. More information on HeK website.

  • ArtTech at the Berner Altorientalisches Forum (BAF)

    ArtTech at the Berner Altorientalisches Forum (BAF)

    11th-12th June, University of Bern – the ArtTech Foundation supports the Berner Altorientalisches Forum (BAF), an annual international forum devoted to research on the greater Ancient Near East. Yves Ubelmann, founder of the startup  Iconem, and a participant in the ArtTech Forum 2017 and 2018, gave the lecture “Tech for culture: 3D’s role in cultural heritage restoration”.