ArtTech Prize 2023

The ArtTech Prize is an international competition created in 2017 by the ArtTech Foundation to support entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries.

See candidates from previous editions here.

In 2023, 8 start-ups will be selected by an international jury and invited to pitch their project at the ArtTech Forum, in September 15.

The winner of the ArtTech Prize will be granted with a prize of CHF 10,000 and coaching sessions. The nominated start-ups can benefit from the coaching as well.

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The selection criteria and process

An international jury will select 8 start-ups, according the main criteria below:

1. Originality of the project
2. Technological innovation and its implementation for the Arts and Culture
3. Value for the customers / public / cultural institutions
4. Market size and penetration, geographical range
5. Economics and financing
6. Quality and expertise of the leadership team

The 8 nominated start-ups will be invited to present their project with a 3 minute pitch at the ArtTech Forum 2023, on September 15 in Villars (Switzerland). The winner will be chosen by the audience and the ArtTech community.


Conditions to apply

The start-up was created in the last 7 years.

Its representant will be able to come to Switzerland for the ArtTech Forum 2023.

The candidacy has to be filled in online and submitted with all the below
information in English, via the application form:

  1. 1. Company name
  2. 2. Sector
  3. 3. Incorporation date
  4. 4. Headquarter location
  5. 5. Contact person (email)
  6. 6. Website
  7. 7. Investment amount needed for next round
  8. 8. Expected returns for investors at 3-5 years
  9. 9. Founders’ presentation 5 to 10 lines
  10. 10. Company’s pitch around 10 lines – and/or a video link
  11. 11. Financial objectives (when break-even is expected + Projected revenues: 1 year, 3 years, 5 years
  12. 12. Ambitions: In 5 years, where do you see your global leadership?
  13. 13. Investor’s pitchdeck download link (WeTransfer)


Practical details

Each participant will be informed of the results, by the end of July 2023.

If the start-up is nominated, the ArtTech Foundation will bear the transportation and accommodation fees for one person per start-up.

The ArtTech Foundation will communicate about the nominated start-ups via its newsletter and social media.

Please note that your personal data (protection guaranteed) will be transferred to the ArtTech Foundation and used for the sole purpose of processing your candidacy to the ArtTech Prize 2023.

For any information, please contact us.

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