What we do

ArtTech, sparking ideas, creativity and entrepreneurship to transform the way the world makes and experiences culture.

ArtTech is breaking down the barriers between museum curators and start-up’ers, artists and academics, creatives and corporates. Altogether, we’re creating an entirely new community that we make live and grow through many innovative initiatives.

Be part of it

  • ArtTech Forum

    Informs, educates, and inspires about the possibilities for tech and digital transformations in the arts and culture.
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  • ArtTech Partnerships

    Events, workshops, presentations and advice for start-ups aim to encourage entrepreneurship and, by doing so, create a dynamic community of young entrepreneurs and investors.
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  • ArtTech Prize

    Invites start-up companies to pitch projects to influential thinkers, artists and business leaders during the ArtTech Forum.
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  • ArtTech Conversations

    Connects entrepreneurs and cultural institutions with venture capital and provides seed funding for pilot projects.
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