2019 Highlights

The 3rd edition of the ArtTech Forum took place in Venice on 24th September, in partnership with the Fondazione Giorgi Cini.

The conference included a presentation on the Time Machine Project, led by Prof. Frederic Kaplan, which perfectly illustrates how technology can help bring cultural heritage to life. Sarah Kenderdine, Professor of Digital Museology at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), also gave a presentation on “Deep Mapping: The Atlas of Maritime Buddhism”, a theme combining technology, culture and Big Data. In addition, participants had the opportunity to hear the artist Quayola, whose artistic performance combines technology and innovative experience.

A panel discussion, focused on new business models aiming at promoting entrepreneurship and investment in areas at the interface between culture and technology.

As in the two previous editions, an international community of researchers, engineers and scientists, representatives from the sphere of culture and economy met and expanded the ArtTech network.

Patrick Aebischer

“Investing in Culture-Tech is definitely the way to go. When you see how energetic and original these young start-ups are, you realize how many business opportunities are out there!”