Arttech Forum


How and why do technology businesses (start-ups and major groups) invest in cultural and heritage projects? Where do technological innovations lie in these fields?

These are the types of questions for which the ArtTech Forum was created. The annual event, bring together an international community of researchers, engineers, scientists and representatives of the cultural and economic sectors at seminars and round-table discussions.

From the presentation of projects carried out by large museums, heritage sites and universities, to presentations that showcase the ever-closer links between culture and entertainment and the new relationships between the art market and technology, the event provide participants with a unique opportunity to create ties that will eventually help develop new projects.

Launched during the first Forum in 2017, the ArtTech Prize  welcomes  young entrepreneurs from the cultural and creative industries. This initiative also serves to illustrate new models of financing and investment in the cultural sector.

The ArtTech Forum 2021 and 5th ArtTech Prize took place on September 28 in collaboration with Sabanci University, Istanbul.

More soon about the ArtTech Forum 2022.

  • Forum 2021

    The 5th hybrid edition of the ArtTech Forum - organized in collaboration with Sabanci University, Istanbul - welcomed more than 50 prestigious representatives of international organizations and worldclass artists.
    1. Forum 2021
  • Forum 2020

    The 4th edition of the ArtTech Forum – for the first time digital – organized in collaboration with ETH Zürich, focused on Post Covid arts and technologies.
    1. Forum 2020
  • Forum 2019

    For its third edition, the ArtTech Forum 2019 partnered the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, in Venise. International experts and leading figures from various artistic and business circles participated in round tables and presentations
    1. Forum 2019
  • Forum 2018

    For its second edition, in conferences and round tables at which high-level international figures spoke, the 2018 ArtTech Forum aimed to bring together an international community of researchers, engineers and scientists, representatives from the sphere of culture and economy .
    1. Forum 2018
  • Forum 2017

    The first ArtTech Forum took place on 29th September 2017 at Forum Rolex EPFL, Switzerland. It was attended by around one hundred experts and leading figures from academic, cultural, artistic and business circles in Switzerland and abroad.
    1. Forum 2017