WindowSight – Unlocking a World of Visual Art

WindowSight, a candidate from the esteemed ArtTech Prize 2023, is making waves with its revolutionary approach to experiencing visual art and photography. The app has now launched the much-anticipated Premium Forever campaign, aiming to provide users with an unprecedented opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of visual art on their TV screens.

This exclusive offer from WindowSight allows users to access premium features, content, filters, and all future upgrades for a one-time payment of just €144. The first 10,000 users will secure a lifetime of captivating visual experiences, eliminating the need for monthly subscriptions.

This is a gift they are providing to the whole world to spread the message about how essential visual art and photography are in our daily lives, in a similar way as music is an integral part of our routine. That’s why they want to make visual content as accessible and affordable as it can be.

Termed as the “Spotify of Art,” WindowSight empowers users to personalize their spaces with curated visuals and delve into the journeys of creators, fostering a vibrant community experience.

Having been a participant in the ArtTech Prize 2023, WindowSight continues to push boundaries and redefine the role of visual art and photography in daily life.

Join the movement, personalize your surroundings, and become part of a global community celebrating the beauty and significance of visual art.


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