The Miracles of Art and Tech

The ArtTech Foundation has partnered the new Swiss media to publish a series of articles on the connective tissue between art and technology, The Miracles of Art and Tech. 

From artificial intelligence that reinvents history to the blockchain that disrupts the art market or the arrival of augmented reality in museums and theatres, the digital revolution is creating a new culture. takes you on a journey of discovery of the labs, start-ups and artists who make this incredibly fruitful marriage of the arts with technology a reality.

Written by Fabrice Delaye.

épisode № 01 Deep (Hi)storytelling

épisode № 02 Cartographers of the mirror worlds

épisode № 03 Who will be the next Spotify?

épisode № 04 Will digital technology make us all artists?


Why is Patrick Aebischer creating a venture capital fund to invest in start-ups developing new technologies for culture?

«Digital culture announces the end of ‘couch potatoes’»