Meet two more incredible ArtTech Prize Finalists

We are thrilled to introduce you to two more outstanding startups that have been nominated for the prestigious ArtTech Prize! These visionary companies are pushing the boundaries of innovation at the intersection of art and technology, and we are excited to showcase their transformative work.

The ArtTech Prize celebrates startups that are revolutionizing the art world through the application of technology. Today, we shine the spotlight on:


muse – the voice of the visitor – Switzerland

Founders: Sarah Kenderdine, Anita Kocsis, Mary Yacob

Museums live through their visitors. muse is the voice of the visitor that inspires museums to create better exhibitions, programs and experiences. muse encourages your visitors to be active participants. Through a digital interface and in real time, you gain actionable impulses for a museum beyond the walls. muse makes feedback measurable and thus is the foundation for new strategies. Tailor-made reports, with insightful interpretation.



Holonic Systems – Finland

Founders: Ove Holmqvist, Mark Meddings, Henri David

Holonic Systems uses spatial and physical computing to transform real world data into musical information that accompanies users’ activities while guiding them towards their destinations. Their adaptive music applications can be used by consumers, professionals and corporate customers to enhance and augment mobility, commuting, retail experiences and other events with auditory and musical interactions. The Holonic white label platform converts data from smart cities, vehicles, wearables and other sources into highly variable and responsive musical content, created by professional musicians and performed by end users – citizens and consumers. Holonic Systems’ geospatial Auditory AR platform powers the musical dimension of tomorrow’s location-based entertainment now.



These startups have captured our attention with their innovative vision and their potential to reshape the art industry. We encourage you to explore their groundbreaking work further, as they continue to redefine the possibilities at the intersection of art and technology.

The winner of the ArtTech Prize will be decided by the audience during the ArtTech Forum on September 15, following each startup’s pitch. Join us at the Forum, either online or on-site, to witness these remarkable presentations and play a crucial role in determining the winner through your vote.

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