ArtTech Excellence: Introducing Two of Our Prize Nominees

As you already know, eight outstanding startups have been selected as nominees for the prestigious ArtTech Prize! These exceptional companies represent the cutting edge of innovation at the intersection of art and technology, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase their groundbreaking work.

The ArtTech Prize aims to recognize and celebrate startups that are revolutionizing the art world through the application of technology.

Here are some information about two of the eight startups that have emerged as the frontrunners:


Atopia Space – Germany

Founders: Annabell Vacano, Christopher Obereder, Valentin Diehl

Atopia is the metaverse for arts and culture. Access to culture has been shown to be key to social inclusion, well-being and is one of our human rights – yet 12% of Europeans and 34% of Americans do not have such access. Atopia brings together all the world’s museums, theatres, galleries, opera houses and concert halls, as well as creative virtual artworks, on its high-quality, VR-enabled multiplayer platform to make cultural experiences accessible to anyone, anywhere. Their 15 partners include world-renowned institutions such as the Gropius Bau Berlin, the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Munich Symphony Orchestra, the Deutsches Museum or the Kunsthalle Mannheim, and we are launching our beta in May 2023.



HelloxLab – Japan

Founders: Dwayne and Mark

MRSV.SPACE revolutionizes the VR experience by disconnecting it from the headsets and seamlessly blends it with the environment by transforming physical spaces. Their tech is display agnostic and uses projectors or LED screens to bring photorealistic 3D environments into the everyday real world. This empowers artists to craft environments that can tell remarkable stories and is limited only by their imagination. Artists can create spaces that enhance mental well-being, elevate retail by helping people envision what that purchase can do for them, or provide engaging and immersive educational and entertainment experiences. Their platform addresses the technical hurdles and bottlenecks in the 3D creator space by providing seamless publishing tools and a marketplace, empowering them to design, deploy, and monetize their immersive creations. Video link of our prototype



These startups have impressed us with their creative vision, and their potential to reshape the art industry. We encourage you to explore their work further, as they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of art and technology.

The winner of the ArtTech Prize will be selected by the audience during the ArtTech Forum on September 15 after each startup’s pitch. Join us at the Forum, either online or on-site, to witness groundbreaking presentations and play a significant role in determining the winner through your vote.

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