Will AI make creatives irrelevant – or more powerful? The Answer is YES

Dive into the Future of Creativity

As we step into 2024, we extend our warmest wishes for a year filled with creativity, innovation, and boundless inspiration. We trust this message finds you well and immersed in the dynamic intersection of art and technology.

Amidst the anticipation of surprises that 2024 holds, we are eager to share a recap of a captivating session that unfolded during the ArtTech Forum 2023 – a thought-provoking exploration into the role of artificial intelligence in shaping the creative landscape.

Moderated by the esteemed Marc Spiegler, this session, supported by our sponsor Audemars Piguet, delved into the question: “Will AI make creatives irrelevant – or more powerful? The Answer is YES.”


Meet the Moderator and Distinguished Panelists:

Marc Spiegler, Former global director of Art Basel

Former global director of Art Basel (2012-2022), Marc has been a driving force behind the organization’s expansion and influence. With achievements ranging from the successful launch of Art Basel Hong Kong to pioneering initiatives like Art Basel Cities, Marc brings a wealth of experience and insight to the discussion. His involvement in digital ventures, including the establishment of Arcual, a blockchain-based digital rights company, further highlights his commitment to the evolving landscape of art and technology.


Sabine Himmelsbach, Director of HEK (House of Electronic Arts) in Basel

With her extensive background in media art and digital culture, Sabine shared her perspectives on the evolving relationship between AI and creativity. As the director of the House of Electronic Arts, her insights provided a valuable lens into the intersection of electronic arts and emerging technologies.


Justine Vilgrain, Co-founder – Braw Haus

Visionary creative strategist and Co-founder of Braw Haus, Justine captivated the audience with her expertise in digital art, 3D fashion, and immersive installations. Her journey through the Web3 landscape, collaborating with global giants like Nike and Adidas, underscored the transformative power of technology in the creative realm.


Onome Ekeh, Writer, designer and teacher – Institute Art Gender Nature HGK Basel FHNW

Versatile artist and teacher, Onome shared her unique perspective as a writer and designer of Speculative Fictions. With a background spanning film, video, theater, literature, and radio, Onome provided valuable insights into the fusion of creativity and artificial intelligence.


If you missed this engaging session or wish to revisit its profound discussions:

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Exciting News: ArtTech Conversations Ahead!

Hold onto your seats, as we have some exciting news to share! Over the next few months, we’ll be hosting three online ArtTech Conversations, each exploring different facets of the evolving art and technology landscape. Stay tuned for details on the first conversation, which we’ll be revealing in the coming weeks.

We look forward to your active participation in our community discussions and hope this session sparks new ideas and perspectives.