Start of the 22-23 Season – Presentation of Partnerships

Dear ArtTech Friends,

We hope you had an amazing and innovative summer!

Your team at ArtTech took no rest and developed new partnerships with various exciting projects and we would like to share with you our latest collaborations, in Switzerland and Europe.

Also, in the weeks to come, through our newsletter, we will go over the main themes that were covered through the last Forums and last season’s Conversations. From music and sound to heritage preservation, you will be able to (re)discover some of our favorite content and topics.


Here are our partners:


The MuseumXTD applied research pilot project explores the challenges of the digital transition within small and medium-sized museums and experiments with new working methodologies by associating the Canton de Vaud entrepreneurial and innovation environment (start-ups, companies, universities).

Our Director Nathalie Pichard is in charge of the project, and the extended ArtTech Team serves as scientific advisor.



Technology offers art new ways of expression allowing it to reach ever wider audiences. This is particularly the case with digital technology, which is currently catalyzing this progress and opening up new avenues based, in some cases, on interaction with the public.

As a land of art, culture, and innovation, the Canton de Vaud has identified a potential at the intersection of these domains, which are a perfect match. It wishes to do so through the QART Innovation Challenge, which aims to promote the best ideas and solutions and to support and concretely accompany teams and candidates proposing innovations in the field of art and technology.

Nathalie Pichard represents ArtTech as member of the Jury.



XR4Heritage is the first Contest to scale up ambitious & impactful immersive projects for European cultural heritage.

Nathalie Pichard is part of the initiative and will coach selected projects.



XR4Europe is tightening its links with Stereopsia EUROPE – the Immersion Forum, to host its Annual Event. It will address issues of European governance regarding XR regulations, and ethics. Moreover, Stereopsia will host a large number of projects supported by the H2020 (2014-2021) and Horizon Europe (2022-2028) research and innovation programs, which will allow attendees to learn about their ambitions, as well as the future initiatives of the European institutions.

ArtTech is a member since the beginning of the year, and our Director will be present at the event.



The Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) is Geneva’s oldest film festival and one of the first in the world to include television in its programs. A crossroads of genres and disciplines, a place of experimentation, encounters, and celebration, it offers every year for ten days, films, series, interactive installations, and virtual reality works to some 50,000 festival-goers. The largest space in Switzerland dedicated to immersive arts, the GIFF has become one of the major events in Europe.

The GIFF is a longtime partner of ArtTech, Nathalie Pichard is now a board member since the summer of 2022.


Meteora Studio ETH

ArtTech is in partnership with Meteora Studio ETH and Professor Ludger Hovestadt, for the Swiss Pavilion at the London Design Biennale 2023.

London Design Biennale is a global stage for world-leading contemporary design and design-led innovation, creativity, and research.

The fourth edition will take place at Somerset House 1-25 June 2023.



HiFlow was born through a collaborative spirit with the goal of bringing people and their ideas together.

Based on synergy, creative stimulation, flexibility, and wellness, HiFlow aims to create a conversation between creation, innovation, and social engagement and wants to work with businesses looking to innovate.

They develop a year-round program of conferences, exhibitions, performances, master classes, and workshops.

HiFlow, Virtual, and ArtTech are co-organizing a conference on Digital creation, a market in full effervescence that will take place on November 17th, 2022.

Nathalie Pichard will participate along with:

Paola Gazzani – GIFF

Laetitia BochudVirtual Switzerland

Anthony MasureHEAD


ArtTech Forum and Prize 2023… And further

Our hearts will skip a beat this year with the AT Forum and Prize, as we are preparing a long-term vision for the 4 years to come.

Stay tuned for we will come back with more information very soon.