[Re]Watch – Heritage Preservation

Heritage cannot always be preserved, nor protected, unfortunately. Wars and bombings, or sometimes simply a lack of means can destroy inestimable heritage assets.

On earth and underwater, new technologies allow the gathering of an immense volume of images, 3D scans, and data, to document and preserve, to share between institutions, and also with the public. Different means of reproduction are available, from immersive visits to 3D printing.

[Re]Watch the ArtTech Forum 2021 session on heritage preservation.


Heritage preservation and technologies, focus on Turkey & region, ArtTech Forum 2021

Moderator, Zaki Aslan, Director & Regional Representative of ICCROM for the Arab States

Nurçin Kural Özgörüş, Conservative, Sakıp Sabancı Museum

Antonio Almagro, Professor, San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Günce Pelin Öçgüden, Archaeology and History of Art, Koç University

Ertu Erbay, VRchitect, Metaxu.studio

Patrick Michel, Senior researcher, University of Lausanne



Picture: Jose Aragones, pexels.com