[Re]Watch – Creativity & Technology

Dreaming machines, dancing buildings, sculptures in your living room, immersive environments, these are new realities, worlds that are now accessible thanks to new technologies and the endless creative minds of talented individuals.

[Re]Watch the ArtTech Forum sessions below by clicking their titles, and get inspired by some of the sharpest minds in the field, and their exceptional projects.


ALL; The Augmented Reality market for exceptional art and design – Forum 2020

Sebastian Errazuriz, Artist, Designer, Activist, Entrepreneur, Sebastian Studio

Stefano Maddalena, Director, Business Acceleration at  Audemars Piguet

Covid has accelerated the research on how new technologies can help galleries, artists, and art fairs continue to survive, in an era where physical exhibitions were no longer possible. It helped to obtain a new vantage point through art, to see the future.

Sebastian presents his project, a web app that serves directly the art market.

Thanks to augmented reality, with an iPhone, iPad, and soon with glasses, amateurs and collectors are able to see an art piece directly in their homes, or anywhere else.


Creativity at the intersection of humans and machines – Forum 2021

Presenting Refik Anadol: Nazan Ölçer, Director of Sakıp Sabancı Museum

Refik Anadol, media artist and researcher (Refik’s website)

Refik believes that Art should be accessible to anyone. He created a dreaming AI and uses data as a substance for his art, to finally bring it to the physical world.

His art is a door to another dimension, a living and moving intelligence that dreams before your eyes.

With his body of work, he creates immersive environments and data sculptures, he brings entire buildings to life, and goes beyond physical space.


How online is shaping the next generation of artistic creation – GIFF session – Forum 2021

Moderator: Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Advisor at GIFF

Laura Olin, Partner & Chief Operating Officer at Zoan

Sander Saar, Strategy and Growth Consultant, Red Bull Media House, Moonbug, ex-Disney

Virtual reality allows one to attend concerts, visit exhibitions, designer homes, and even cities. Discover Laura’s incredible virtual projects for the city of Helsinki.

According to Sander, three elements are fundamentals in what he calls today’s Creator Renaissance; free creation, democratized distribution, and algorithmic consumption.

Possibilities are endless, immersive, 2D, 3D, animations, and creators are no longer limited to any canvas.

The future of immersive experiences for museums and arts organizations is already here.




Picture: Refik Anadol – Machine Hallucinations – Nature Dreams