Meet Two ArtTech Prize Nominees

Prepare to be captivated by innovation! Today, we unveil two more trailblazing startups that have earned their spot as finalists for the prestigious ArtTech Prize. These visionary companies are at the forefront of the fusion between art and technology, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to their groundbreaking work.


SYNEGRAM – Switzerland

Founder: Pierre Blaise Dionet

SYNEGRAM re-invents the way we see and learn music. Using Synesthesia and a symbolic, logical and intuitive language based on math, they develop dynamic interfaces that help you understand music faster and better.

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Well of Art – Poland

Founders: Robert Latoś, Marcin Molski

Well of Art is a technology company that creates solutions for the digital transformation of art education from elementary through high school (K-12 education). Their products include the Glaze software, reflecting a real-life painting process (developed in a three-year R&D project), the gamified learning-by-doing experiences and the artistic adventure game “Garden Creatures”, based in the world of Hieronymous Bosch (premiere 2023). They provide the curruculum-aligned programme of engaging lessons for all levels of K-12 education.

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These startups are on a mission to redefine the possibilities at the intersection of art and technology. Prepare to be inspired!

The winner of the ArtTech Prize will be decided by the audience during the ArtTech Forum on September 15, following each startup’s pitch. Join us at the Forum, either online or on-site, to witness these remarkable presentations and play a crucial role in determining the winner through your vote.

We highly value your insights and encourage you to be a part of this exciting advancement in art and technology. Your participation fuels the fusion of art and technology.

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