Meet Phillip Fury at the ArtTech Forum

We are thrilled to present to you an additional distinguished guest who will be joining this year’s ArtTech Forum :

Phillip “Fury” Wainwright

From Motion Capture and Tracking to Directing, Dance, Stunts and Fight Choreography, XR Services, and even Fintech, Fury operates at the cutting edge of innovation.

With a remarkable career in the Entertainment industry spanning over two decades, Fury has left his mark on numerous high-profile film, gaming, and television productions. From blockbusters like Avengers and Free Guy to iconic titles such as The Batman and Ghostbusters, Fury has helmed projects that have captivated audiences worldwide. His work extends beyond the screen, collaborating with major brands such as Netflix, Verizon, Disney, and even high-profile artists like Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Paul Oakenfold, and Mariah Carey. In addition, Fury has been instrumental in designing AR, VR, and Blockchain integrations across diverse industries.

What sets Fury apart is his ability to bring a unique perspective to the table, seamlessly integrating authentic and captivating immersion into characters and stories. His expertise adds tremendous value to audiences, brands, and technology partners alike. With an unwavering passion for his craft and commitment to excellence, Fury is an invaluable asset to any team.

You’ll have the chance to meet Fury and experience his awe-inspiring expertise at the ArtTech Forum on September 15th.

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