Looking back – 2020 ArtTech Startups competition nominees

We could say that the 2020 ArtTech Prize’s theme was AI in the service of Art, Music, and UX. Discover the 8 Startups nominees for 2020 below.



InsightART is revolutionizing the art world with next-generation x-ray imaging technology previously available only at the cutting-edge of particle physics research. Their mission is to safeguard the world’s artistic heritage with state-of-the-art tools designed to assist art restoration experts and to unmask forgeries.


InsightART is the ArtTech Prize 2020 winner.



Splashmob allows you to create live mobile sites in story format with all connected devices in sync. “Stories” is one of the fastest-growing media formats. Splashmob works in real-time on any mobile browser, no app needed. Share music, images, video, links. Poll the audience or ask questions. Gather audience data, track engagement in real-time. Put your slides at the fingertips of the audience.



​​Music Traveler is an app that allows musicians to book spaces to practice and play all around the world, like an AirBnB for music studios. With Music Traveler, musicians can connect, practice, and play in no time. Having the equipment and services they need at their fingertips helps them stay focused on the music. Sharing spaces means access to what they want at a fraction of the cost.



Embodme presents ERAE TOUCH, a Polyphonic MIDI Controller born out of a desire to combine both sensitivity and versatility in a seamless object. Experimentation on the surface comes flawlessly bringing musicians closer to their original intents and ideas. A captivating audiovisual experience awaits with a colourful and powerful LED panel. Compose with dynamic music elements and build your tracks from original shapes and patterns.



Artbrain’s AI technology helps auction houses and dealers grow their businesses. Artbrain’s technology analyzes customers’ behavior to discover the most relevant matches between the customer base and available items. Based on the discovered matches, Artbrain delivers personal recommendations that magnify business growth.



Animatico helps revolutionize the customer experience with interactive avatars. Their intuitive avatar guides are the perfect assistants to customers whether it is to welcome, support or just simply entertain them. Animatico also allows to bring a brand to life and support clients in stores in finding the right products, provide information & entertain them.



Ai.music is a royalty-free adaptive music solution for innovative sonic adventurers that care about how they sound. The perfect song or stream, available at the touch of a button, with no disruption to creative flow or user experience. AI Music technology powers user co-creation, to create fully licensed music solutions that meet these changing demands. AI Music enables users to create on-demand royalty-free music that can be used and shared anywhere. Simple, friction-free, Music As A Service licensing model offers transparent and scalable pricing regardless of where and how users want to use it.



Scriptbakery is a software that digitizes the acceptance, management, and analysis of texts. With Scriptbakery, manuscripts and exposés can now be processed effectively. Together with the smart analysis tool ALINEA®, which they developed for the challenges of the publishing industry, texts can be accepted, viewed, and evaluated cloud-based alone or in a team from anywhere in the world.


The ArtTech Prize highlights innovative projects that push back boundaries in the arts, culture, and technology.

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Picture: Embodme Erae Touch