Looking Back – 2019 ArtTech Startups competition nominees

Let’s continue our review of the previous editions of the ArtTech Prize competition. Here are the 8 Startups presenting their work at the ArtTech Forum 2019.



Polkatulk empowers content distribution by securing copyright determination and tracking, as a one-stop-shop for the content industry: specific DLT addressing the issues of copyright management, Progressive Web Application & encoding script. The first implementation was live with Scenso.tv, the first sVOD platform for all performing arts. Unfortunately, the platform no longer exists.



Feral Horses is a crowd investment platform that allows everyone to own and invest in the art they love.

In 2021, Feral Horses was acquired by artsquare.io, a fine art & collectibles tokenization platform, in the first Art Tokenization Platforms M&A operation.



A collective of engineers, neurologists, and designers developed Mila, a serious game designed for children with specific learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, and built around rhythm and language exercises. It is carried by a rich musical universe aiming to lead the child to spontaneously come back on the tool with his parents.

Musical and rhythmic learning supports sound discrimination, the notion of time, the precision of gesture: skills underlying reading and writing.



Roots Studio digitizes thousands of endangered art from tribal communities into an online library for royalty licensing. They reclaim authorship for minority voices by averaging a 5 – 20x return from the original selling price, working with over 3000 artists in India, China, Panama, Iraq, Jordan, amongst others. Roots Studio has been recognized in PBS Newshour, Stanford Social Innovation Review, MIT Technology Review, TechCrunch, and Forbes 30 Under 30.



Art Recognition provides a tool to evaluate the authenticity of fine art leveraging the latest artificial intelligence methods. The system is fast, non-invasive, and unbiased. Based on photographic reproductions of an artist’s paintings, the tool checks whether the artist’s typical features – their “brushstroke”​ – correspond to those of the painting in question.



Artivive is an AR tool that allows artists, museums, and galleries to create new dimensions of art by adding a digital layer to a physical piece. It is an innovative way for audiences to interact with art with a smartphone or tablet, thanks to Artivive app.

Artivive’s vision is to change how art is created and consumed – and build the community around augmented reality art.



CtrlMovie is an ecosystem that allows film studios and independent filmmakers to create and produce branched narrative movies. Thanks to the wide range of playback solutions for any size screen, CtrlMovie content can be distributed to movie theaters, home entertainment, mobile, and streaming.

But the technology is not only used by major Hollywood studios for entertainment, but also for advertising, education, professional training, and live events.



Largo provides data-driven intelligence to the movie industry with the proprietary technologies that show the recipes to success.

Largo’s innovative tool, LargoAI, can discover the potential of a film at very early stages, even at the script level, and provide actionable insides to improve it.


The ArtTech Prize highlights innovative projects that push back boundaries in the arts, culture, and technology.


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