Looking Back – 2018 ArtTech Startups competition nominees

The ArtTech Prize highlights innovative projects that push back boundaries in the arts, culture and technology, and for its 5th anniversary, we are looking back at the past editions.

In 2018, the ArtTech Prize was presenting startups with innovative projects in music, blockchain in art trading and NFTs, virtual reality, etc.

Here are the 8 startups that were competing in 2018:


NoMadMusic is the ArtTech Prize 2018 winner. A classical, jazz, and world music label, NoMadMusic was founded in 2014 by Clothilde Chalot and Hannelore Guittet, with the ambition of decompartmentalizing repertoires, and promoting access to music for as wide and diverse an audience as possible.

They participated in the ArtTach Prize with their project NOMADPLAY, an app that allows musicians at all levels to play along with the greatest musicians and orchestras, from anywhere, by choosing a piece and the instrument that will be played. The app then displays the score and you are ready to play along. You can annotate the score, reduce the tempo, and put certain parts on repeat.


Deepart.io allows you to turn any image into a piece of art of any style you want, in just a few clicks. First, upload a picture of yours into Deepart’s website, choose a style, for example, Van Gogh, and the algorithm turns your picture into a work of art in the style of the Master.


Cuseum helps museums accelerate visitor and member engagement using digital tools. Cuseum’s software platform makes it easy for museums, cultural institutions, and public attractions to publish mobile apps, manage their collections, access visitor analytics, and generate new revenue opportunities.


Creal3D developed Light-Field imagery, a technology that is the genuine representation of how light exists in the real world, and that is used for AR and VR with fashionable glasses or headsets. The Light-field projectors are embedded in the glasses’ arms, enabling multiple perspectives of one digital scene projected to each eye, and 6000 images sent every second. Their technology is fusing real and virtual objects, enables natural eye focus and eliminates eye strain and nausea.


The size and number of images taken every year is growing so fast that storage and network technologies can’t keep up. These images must be compressed. Dotphoton™ is an image compression solution for professional applications, for example, biotech research and labs, for optical systems manufacturers, or for photographers. Their aim is to achieve the highest possible lossless compression ratio for a particular image from a particular image sensor and meanwhile guarantee full image information retention.


DANAE is a Digital Art Network, a platform to collect Fine Art NFTs. As the experience of art continues to evolve, so will the way it is acquired and appreciated. Inspired by the Wall Drawings by conceptual artist Sol LeWitt, DANAE is spearheading a new model of valuation and copyright management to protect and promote digital art. As this new market emerges, DANAE is setting new standards that will prioritize the reputation of digital artists, the means of their works’ transmission, and of course its value.


Verisart is an online service that allows artists to certify digital or physical creations, including NFTs, video, digital art, paintings, print editions, collectibles, and more, and to manage them all from a dashboard. Verisart applies blockchain technology to combine transparency, anonymity, and security to protect your records of creation and ownership.


Odoma is AI in the service of Cultural Heritage. They believe that public cultural heritage and private patrimony are highly valuable assets, which can be harnessed via ad-hoc AI technologies and UX Expertise, and they bring both to the table.

Odoma provides AI technologies to extract, enrich and exploit contents from digitized or digital heritage.


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