Discover Sabancı University, the 2021 ArtTech Forum main Partner

This year, we are very proud to present our main partner in the organization of the 5th ArtTech Forum, Sabancı University. The Forum will be broadcasted from the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, in Istanbul Turkey.

Sabancı University has a unique education system arising from its mission to use innovative trans-disciplinary research to develop internationally competent and confident individuals who advance and foster knowledge in the natural sciences, engineering, humanities, and social and management sciences.


Our full strength to the Future

In its 22nd year, Sabancı University is continuing its vision of becoming a leading research university through its applied strategic projects which are shaping the future. It also continues to educate self-confident individuals who embrace universal values and show compassion for the needs of society. Sabancı University graduates come to understand that in order to achieve creative solutions knowing how to learn and being open to continuous development through collaboration are key.


Structure of Education

Sabancı University is the first and only university in Turkey to offer students complete freedom to choose their program. In order to achieve this, the university has adopted a program structure, which enables inter-disciplinary transition and interaction, instead of a department structure. During the first 2 years, all students go through the Foundations Development Program, the core of the Sabancı educational system. They follow a comprehensive core curriculum, studying courses in a wide spectrum of subject areas ranging from social sciences to mathematics, natural sciences, and algorithmic thinking. Following the end of the Foundations Development Year, students can declare a major program of their choice without having to go through any further examinations and without being subject to any quotas or limitations.


Faculties and Programs

Sabancı University has 3 faculties, namely the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and Sabancı Business School, with 11 undergraduate programs being offered by these faculties. All three faculties have acted in accordance with the mission of creating and developing together since the foundation of the university.


A Reputable Research University

At Sabancı University, an interdisciplinary approach to research is taken by faculties, centers and forums in the fields of science, technology, and art.

Sabancı University’s main aim is “to solve selected global and regional problems and to train people to solve them”. 

In order to achieve this aim, Sabancı University has determined the following strategic research goals:

  • To improve the University’s interaction with the sectors and civil society in selected fields
  • To enable centers to support research and undergraduate/graduate research projects
  • To encourage faculty and interdisciplinary research
  • To increase the number of doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, and researchers.


Sabancı University has 10 different centers and forums contributing to scientific development and supporting social research and development.

As indicated in the Higher Education Council (YÖK) “Private Higher Education Institutions 2020” report, Sabancı University has the highest total research project budget among the private universities in Turkey.


Striding into the Future with New Investments

  • New Digital Campus in the core of the city

Empowered by the research it conducts, Sabancı University continues to make investments towards its goal of becoming one of the best campus universities in the world. A new campus was established in the center of Istanbul, Sabancı University Altunizade Digital Campus in the 2021 Fall semester. This Digital Campus is used for various purposes and activities such as professional program courses, trainings, seminars, meetings, and digital filming.


A Pioneer for Remote Education

Sabancı University has been held up as an example in online education applications among universities in Turkey. Thanks to its strong technological infrastructure, Sabancı University was able to adapt promptly to a remote learning/distance education system during the pandemic. With its internationally successful academic staff and an education system that makes a difference in higher education, the university continued to provide an uninterrupted and exemplary education to its students at world standards.


Continuous Contribution to Society and Science in Pressing Times 

Sabancı University’s mission of “creating and developing together” is more meaningful than ever in 2021. Sabancı University continued its contributions to society and science by prioritizing the health and uninterrupted education of its students and employees in 2021.


A “World” University

In the listings of the world’s best universities in the Times Higher Education list (THE) and QS, Sabancı University holds its lead in the ranking among universities from Turkey.

  • According to the Times Higher Education (THE) 2021 Field Ranking, Sabancı University is among the top 250 universities in the world in the fields of Computer Science and Social Sciences. Sabancı University is first in the field of Computer Science among all universities entering the ranking from Turkey. In the field of Social Sciences, Sabancı University has the highest ranking this year among the other universities from Turkey entering the list. As for the field of engineering, it is in the first 400.
  • Sabancı University is in the 501-600 band in the World Universities 2021 rankings.
  • Sabancı University is first among the universities from Turkey in the 2021 Best Universities in Emerging Economies, and THE 2021 Best Universities in Asia rankings.
  • Sabancı University is in the top 100 among the world’s best young universities in both THE and QS rankings (89th in 2021 THE Young Universities, and in the 81-90 band in 2021 QS Under 50 Universities). Sabancı University is also ranked 68th in THE 2021 Best Universities in Asia rankings, 44th in THE 2021 Best Universities in Emerging Economies, in the band 541 – 550 in 2022 QS World Universities, in the 81-90 band in the 2021 QS Universities Under 50, and 21 st in QS Emerging Europe and Central Asian Countries.
  • According to the European Business School Rankings prepared by the Financial Times (FT), Sabancı University School of Management ranks 63rd in the world. Sabancı University Executive MBA program (EMBA) is in 65th place on QS Global Executive MBA 2021 Rankings and became the only Turkish university in the top 100.
  • Sabancı University Executive Development Unit (EDU) has continued its steady rise in the list of corporate-specific programs in the annual rankings announced by the Financial Times, reaching 55th in the 2020 list.