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Thanks to its network, the ArtTech Foundation aims to foster innovative partnerships by using advanced technology. In this context, projects have already been developed together by start-ups and cultural institutions:

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  • Digital replica of a lost treasure

    In 2017, two years after the destruction on the archaeological site of Palmyra (Tadmor) in Syria, the Institute of Archaeology (ASA) of the University of Lausanne launched an international project: the Collart-Palmyre Project. Named after the Swiss archaeologist Paul Collart who excavated the sanctuary of Baalshamîn in Palmyra between 1954 and 1956/1966, the Project wishes […]

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  • XR4Europe

    XR4Europe is tightening its links with Stereopsia EUROPE – the Immersion Forum, to host its Annual Event. It will address issues of European governance regarding XR regulations, and ethics. Moreover, Stereopsia will host a large number of projects supported by the H2020 (2014-2021) and Horizon Europe (2022-2028) research and innovation programs, which will allow attendees […]

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  • HiFlow

    HiFlow was born through a collaborative spirit with the goal of bringing people and their ideas together. Based on synergy, creative stimulation, flexibility, and wellness, HiFlow aims to create a conversation between creation, innovation, and social engagement and wants to work with businesses looking to innovate. They develop a year-round program of conferences, exhibitions, performances, […]

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  • Museum XTD

    The MuseumXTD applied research pilot project explores the challenges of the digital transition within small and medium-sized museums and experiments with new working methodologies by associating the Canton de Vaud entrepreneurial and innovation environment (start-ups, companies, universities). Our Director Nathalie Pichard is in charge of the project, and the extended ArtTech Team serves as scientific […]

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