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Thanks to its network, the ArtTech Foundation aims to foster innovative partnerships by using advanced technology. In this context, projects have already been developed together by start-ups and cultural institutions:

See here some of the projects supported by the ArtTech Foundation and be part of it.


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  • A platform to enhance & promote artTechs organizations & activities

    artTechs is a platform which enhance & promote all organizations active in artTechs ; as well as related projects, exhibitions & activities. Artists are explorers of new techniques and new technologies. Entrepreneurs, explorers of innovation. When these two worlds meet, the result is an impressive diversity of possible & amazing realizations. That’s what’s happening, and […]

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  • Qart

    Technology offers art new ways of expression allowing it to reach ever wider audiences. This is particularly the case with digital technology, which is currently catalyzing this progress and opening up new avenues based, in some cases, on interaction with the public. As a land of art, culture, and innovation, the Canton de Vaud has […]

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  • XR4Europe

    XR4Europe is a Pan-European association that federates all XR professionals, organisations and initiatives to support the development, promote and represent XR innovation, industry and creativity made in Europe. ArtTech is a member of the association, and our Director is member of the Board of Directors.

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  • HiFlow

    HiFlow was born through a collaborative spirit with the goal of bringing people and their ideas together. Based on synergy, creative stimulation, flexibility, and wellness, HiFlow aims to create a conversation between creation, innovation, and social engagement and wants to work with businesses looking to innovate. They develop a year-round program of conferences, exhibitions, performances, […]

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