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Celebrating the ArtTech Innovators !

As we eagerly await the ArtTech Forum and the final selection of the ArtTech Prize winner, we want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the ingenuity of all the startups that applied for this year’s competition. The ArtTech Prize aims to honor the ventures that are pushing the boundaries of art and technology, and we are thrilled to present the 22 remarkable startups that, although not nominated, have impressed us with their creativity and dedication to transforming the art industry.

Without further ado, here are the 22 innovative ArtTech startups that have showcased their pioneering work:

AerariumChain – Italy

Artelize – Denmark

Artfundi – South Africa

Artsted – United Kingdom

ARTƎCONOMY® – Switzerland

Chrones – Italy

Coeli Platform – Spain

Comic 30 – USA

Decentralised Art Network – Switzerland – USA

Exiland – Germany


Matchspace Music – Switzerland

Pangar Studio – France

Sensistan space – India

SUPER HOW ART – Lithuania

The Second Life of Architecture – Portugal

The Silver Passport – Peru

The White Glove – Switzerland

Time Designers – Switzerland

VooGlue Pty Ltd – Australia

WindowSight – Spain

Each of these startups has demonstrated immense potential and is making significant contributions to the fusion of art and technology. Their passion for innovation is palpable, and we encourage you to explore their work and support their journey of reshaping the art landscape.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to every startup that participated in the ArtTech Prize. The dedication and hard work put forth by these visionary teams have truly impressed us, and we believe they all have a vital role in advancing the art and technology sphere.

While only eight startups were chosen as finalists, it is essential to remember that innovation is a collective effort. The ArtTech community thrives on collaboration, and each of these startups has played a crucial role in fueling the spirit of creativity and progress in our industry.

We also want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the esteemed panel of judges, who invested their time and expertise in evaluating the submissions:

Prof. Patrick Aebischer

Paul Alezraa

Olivier Audemars

Laetitia Bochud

Caroline Coquerel Kokocinski

Fabrice Delaye

Laurence Le Ny

Jean-François Ricci

Claudia Schachenmann

Christian Simm

Their discerning insights and thoughtful evaluations have been invaluable in identifying the most promising ventures.

As we eagerly anticipate the ArtTech Forum on September 14 & 15, we invite you to join us in supporting and celebrating the startups that have worked tirelessly to merge art and technology. Your presence at the Forum is essential, as your vote will help determine the winner of the ArtTech Prize. This is your chance to shape the future of art and technology by recognizing the startup that you believe holds the potential to make a lasting impact.

Secure your tickets for the ArtTech Forum through our secure ticketing platform and be a part of this extraordinary celebration of creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

To explore the full program, please visit the Forum’s page.