ArtTech Conversation x Swissnex in Japan

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As promised, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming series of three online ArtTech Conversations, each dedicated to exploring distinct dimensions of the ever-evolving intersection of art and technology.

Mark your calendars! The inaugural session is just around the corner, scheduled for March 6, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (onsite in Japan) | 10:00 am to 11:00 am CET (online from anywhere else). We will embark on a fascinating journey into the heart of the Japan XR and gaming industry.

Presented collaboratively by the Consulate of Switzerland, Swissnex in Japan, and the ArtTech Foundation, this hybrid talk event promises deep insights into Japan’s vibrant XR and gaming ecosystem.

Japan stands as one of the world’s largest gaming markets, magnetizing companies globally seeking to thrive in its dynamic landscape. During this session, international founders of VR/AR and gaming companies will share their experiences navigating Japan’s gaming industry.

Our objective is to foster knowledge-sharing, spark insightful discussions, and catalyze collaborations among professionals exploring business opportunities within Japan’s creative industry.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us during this event and actively engage in the conversation. Stay updated by following us on Instagram and LinkedIn to receive live notifications.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

1. Introduction from Swissnex and ArtTech Foundation

2. Panel Discussion with the following companies:

Hello xLAB (Japan), Dwayne Grech, CEO & Co-Founder

Hello xLAB, one of the eight ArtTech Prize 2023 nominees and the winner of the World Tourism Organization Startup competition, will be joining us. Hello xLAB specializes in interactive spatial design. Their platform, MRSV.SPACE, revolutionizes the VR experience by disconnecting it from the headsets and seamlessly blending it with the environment by transforming physical spaces.

DANGEN Entertainment (Japan), Dan Stern, Scholar of the First Deal; Developer Relations

DANGEN Entertainment is a small multilingual publishing team based primarily in Osaka, Japan, built up of developers, programmers, writers, musicians, localizers and all-around gamers who have years of experience within the industry.

They offer peerless publishing services to some of the most interesting and talented indie developers from across the globe.

SimulumiS (Japan), Farid Ben Amor, Media Entrepreneur

Koto3D (MG Koto G.K.) is an innovative AI 3D scanning business operating in Kyoto and Kansai. They use advanced technology to provide 3D scanning solutions for various industries and businesses.

SimulumiS is a project co-created with Sababa K.K. to build a Metaverse-specific 3D scanning, gaming and social platform. SimulumiS for mobile, computer and VR headsets is focused on delivering immersive experiences and has innovative activities in areas such as art, entertainment, advertising and tourism.

PatchXR (Switzerland), Mélodie Mousset, Co-Founder

PatchXR, a pioneering Swiss startup, will offer unique insights into their journey within the Japanese market.

They developed the first “no code” and “in-situ” world-builder for music in the metaverse to enable creators or different skill sets and levels to create their own immersive music worlds with the ease of a game but the depth of a complete studio. This is the metaverse as your own playground – entirely yours, totally playful, with all the emotional power of music.

Expert: David Javet, Co-Founder, GameLab, University of Lausanne

Co-Founder of the GameLab at the University of Lausanne and a seasoned game designer, David Javet will bring over a decade of expertise to the table. Renowned for his contributions to the gaming industry, he’ll be introducing and closing the talk, infusing it with visionary insights.

Moderation: Swissnex in Japan

3. Audience Q&A Session

4. Networking Reception (Japan)

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