Looking Back – 2017 ArtTech Startups competition nominees

For the 5th year of the ArtTech Prize competition, we wanted to have a look back on the previous years’ nominees and winners.

The ArtTech Prize highlights innovative projects that push back boundaries in the arts, culture, and technology.

In 2017, we had the pleasure to have 9 Startups presenting their work.


Smartify is the ArtTech Prize 2017 winner. The young company proposes a virtual art guide, enabling audiences to scan and identify artworks and receive rich information.

It is possible to search through a curated collection of more than 2 million artworks or just hold a phone up to a piece of art to recognize it, and listen to audio tours of various collections.



A creative technology company specializing in fun, easy-to-use software and hardware for music makers. They’ve created an AI Audio Engine that triggers drum samples instantly by making any percussive sound; beatboxing, clicking, clapping, or even the sound of a homemade drum kit.



A multi-awarded studio gathering a team of professional engineers, visual artists, and creative developers, combining scientific and artistic research to create beautiful and unconventional experiences with cutting-edge technologies.



Rayform provides a unique technology for artists and designers, allowing them to “sculpt” light. This enables completely new design and storytelling opportunities to create memorable experiences and prevent counterfeiting.

See here The Rayy, their jewelry project using the technology. (Header picture)



the European leader of surtitling solutions for performing arts. It is the only company that offers complete services in this field.



The way how people view and buy art is changing as a new generation of buyers matures.

This free app connects art lovers with art exhibitors. The two parties can live-chat about artworks, collectors may visualize pieces in their own rooms via Augmented Reality, and everyone involved benefits from easy 24/7 access to one another – all around the globe.



Every generation produces a wealth of musical talent, but talent discovery and performance opportunities still rely on a traditional business model that is primarily based on relationships, word of mouth, and personal recommendations.

What if the industry could source a constant stream of top-level talent that bubbles up through data? The field will benefit from following and then anticipating the latest trends and rising musicians.

Classeek developed an algorithm that allows unique data analysis modeling and tracks trends through market data, helping artists and agents find new opportunities and make career decisions.



In 2017, Apelab presented SpatialStories,  a full Production Suite for XR (VR, AR, MR) interactive content creation. The Suite reflects the growing need for a comprehensive, creators friendly, professional foundation to build and play 3D interactive experiences.

Apelab, Inc. decided to concentrate on Zoe, an app that enables creators to build and play 3D interactive experiences, and became Zoe Immersive, Inc. in 2021.



Founded in 2013 and active in 21 countries, ICONEM specializes in the 3D digitization of cultural heritage sites, monuments, and objects. Their team of experts travels the globe, combining the large-scale scanning capacity of drones and the photorealistic quality of 3D to create digital replicas of our most treasured places, record them for future generations, and champion them today.


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