Arttech Labs

Since its creation, Arttech Foundation has been working to develop a uniquely supportive eco-system conducive to practical learning, networking opportunities and business ideas.

Organized throughout the year, events, workshops, presentations and advice for start-ups aim to encourage entrepreneurship and, in so doing, create a dynamic community of young entrepreneurs and investors.


  • ICOLOGRAM® project

    With its concept, Cybel’Art SA wants to become a key reference, a pioneer and a leader of holographic performances artistically created for entertainment. The goal is to allow a large audience to live a unique experience in conditions close to reality whether it be for shows or for promotion. The objective of the project is […]

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  • A New Approach to Surtitling

    Surtitling is the art of projecting translations above a stage during a theatre or opera performance, in synchronisation with the actors. Thanks to the Foundation, a collaboration between the theater of Vidy-Lausanne and the European leader Panthea was born. The pilot project involved testing connected smartglasses offering a new way of surtitling performances on stage.

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  • Digital replica of a lost treasure

    In 2017, two years after the destruction on the archaeological site of Palmyra (Tadmor) in Syria, the Institute of Archaeology (ASA) of the University of Lausanne launched an international project: the Collart-Palmyre Project. Named after the Swiss archaeologist Paul Collart who excavated the sanctuary of Baalshamîn in Palmyra between 1954 and 1956/1966, the Project wishes […]

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  • A platform to enhance & promote artTechs organizations & activities

    artTechs is a platform which enhance & promote all organizations active in artTechs ; as well as related projects, exhibitions & activities. Artists are explorers of new techniques and new technologies. Entrepreneurs, explorers of innovation. When these two worlds meet, the result is an impressive diversity of possible & amazing realizations. That’s what’s happening, and […]

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