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In the three editions to date, top companies, cultural institutions and researchers presented their work, and we invited eight start-ups to compete for the ArtTech Prize at the ArtTech Forum . All are examples of the talent emerging from our growing community.

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  • Polkatulk

    Polkatulk empowers content distribution by securing copyright determination and tracking, as a one-stop shop for the content industry : specific DLT addressing the issues copyright management, Progressive Web Application & encoding script. Our first implementation is live with, the first sVOD platform for all performing arts, offering a unique user experience, with an editorialized catalog of leading content in binaural sound and a no-download application (PWA) available everywhere.

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    2019 winner
  • Rayform

    Rayform provides a unique technology for artists and designers, allowing them to “sculpt” light. This enables completely new design and storytelling opportunities to create memorable experiences. For example,…

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    Danae Human Intelligence is a capital market for trading digital creation and managing its copyright. Collectors receive royalties on the artworks’ exploitation (2D, 3D, VR, AR, video).

    Laffy Maffei Gallery is the first entity of Danae HI, dedicated to digital painting

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  • Art-Recognition

    Art Recognition provides a tool to evaluate the authenticity of fine art leveraging latest artificial intelligence methods. The system is fast, non-invasive, and unbiased. Based on photographic reproductions of an artist’s paintings, the tool checks whether the artist’s typical features – his “brushstroke”​ – correspond to those of the painting in question.

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    Makes small fashion compatible glasses which will blend virtual objects into the real world without the eye-strain you may know from today’s 3D cinema or virtual reality goggles.

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    Ludens is the first video games and video games related content distribution platform, for PC and Mobile, specially created to solve problems impacting the video games industry through a community ecosystem with its own dedicated social features.

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  • Mila

    Mila is a collective of engineers, neurologists and designers developing interactive musical devices for the rehabilitation of learning disabilities.

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  • Théoriz Studio

    We are a multi-awarded studio gathering a team of professional engineers, visual artists and creative developers. We combine scientific and artistic research to create beautiful and…

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  • Feral Horses

    Feral Horses is a crowdinvestment platform that allows everyone to own and invest in the art they love.

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  • NoMadMusic

    NoMadMusic won the ArtTech Forum Innovation Competition for its immersive music practice application NomadPlay.

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  • Artivive

    Artivive is an AR tool that allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art. Our vision is to change how art is created and consumed – and build the community around augmented reality art.

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  • Apelab

    Apelab presents SpatialStories,  a full Production Suite for XR (VR, AR, MR) interactive content creation. The Suite reflects the growing need for a comprehensive, creators friendly, professional foundation to make

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    Cuseum helps museums accelerate visitor and member engagement using digital tools. Cuseum’s software platform makes it easy for museums, cultural institutions, and public attractions to publish mobile apps, manage their collections, access visitor analytics, and generate new revenue opportunities.

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  • Roots Studio

    Roots Studio digitizes thousands of endangered art from tribal communities into an online library for royalty licensing. They reclaim authorship for minority voices by averaging a 5 – 20x return from the original selling price, working with over 3000 artists in India, China, Panama, Iraq, Jordan, amongst others. Roots Studio has been recognized in PBS Newshour, Stanford Social Innovation Review, MIT Technology Review, TechCrunch, and Forbes 30 Under 30.

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  • Smartify

    Smartify is the ArtTech Start-up competition 2017 winner. The young company proposes a virtual art guide, enabling audiences to scan and identify artworks and receive rich information…

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  • Iconem

    Founded in 2013 and active in 21 countries, ICONEM specializes in the 3D digitisation of cultural heritage sites, monuments and objects. A technical and scientific provider for…

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  • Vochlea

    Vochlea Music is a creative technology company specialising in fun, easy-to-use software and hardware for music makers. They’ve created an AI Audio Engine that makes it easy…

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    Deepart uses an algorithm inspired by the human brain. It uses the stylistic elements of one image to draw the content of another.

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  • Classeek

    Classeek is a new digital platform for the classical music world designed to assist promising emerging performers by leveraging technology and digital tools. These tools greatly enhance…

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    The size and number of images taken every year is growing so fast that storage and network technologies can’t keep up. These images must be compressed. Dotphoton™ is an image compression solution for professional applications.

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  • Codex

    Codex is a new generation museum experience. We aim to change the museum guides industry by bringing the excitement of an escape room to it

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  • CTRLmovie

    CtrlMovie is an ecosystem that allows film studios and independent filmmakers to create and produce branched narrative movies. Thanks to the wide range of playback solutions for any size screen, CtrlMovie content can be distributed to movie theaters, home entertainment, mobile and streaming. But the technology is not only used by major Hollywood studios for entertainment, but also for advertising, education, professional training and live events.

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    Largo provides data-driven intelligence to the movie industry with the proprietary technologies that show the recipes to success. Largo’s innovative tool, LargoAI, can discover the potential of a film at very early stages, even at script level, and provide actionable insides to improve it.

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  • iazzu

    The way how people view and buy art is changing as a new generation of buyers matures. At iazzu, we believe art galleries are the creative heart of a city’s cultural life but we also believe that the trend is mobile…

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  • Panthea

    PANTHEA is the European leader of surtitling solutions for performing arts. It is the only company that offers complete services in this field. In the past years the…

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    The past as an asset.

    Odoma believes that public cultural heritage and private patrimony are highly valuable assets, which can be harnessed via ad-hoc AI technologies and UX Expertise.

    We bring both on the table.

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  • Verisart


    Verisart applies blockchain technology to combine transparency, anonymity and security to protect your records of creation and ownership.

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